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Which solution does your business need? With so many terms and talking heads in the room, how do you even determine what is valuable information anymore? Today’s businesses are either in a shallow pool of limited data or in a swamp of ungoverned and siloed data. Do you need to just launch your business or get that end of year report done? Then read on… We have many offerings, catered around what your business needs to succeed.


Different businesses require different solutions. We’ve been through many levels of business, and understand your needs whether the company is just you or you are one of many. We’ve been there; deep in the code, deep in the reports, and deep under water in the dish pit.  See below for what we can offer your business


More often than not, people are able to complete the Marketing in “mar-tech”, but they forget the Tech.  You may not know the code, but we do. 

Small & Medium Business

Is your business already running and you’re ready for more? 8th Layer can help you identify gaps and way to optimize your digital presence. 


Online stores require many moving parts, can you and your teams identify all of them, or places to enhance? The missing layer of the OSI model is the 8th Layer. Client Side. 

What do all businesses have in common? They need to communicate with their clients and consumers. 

Effective brand marketing, optimization, and implementation requires your business to have strong processes and data foundations in order to enable the growth you’re looking for.  Many times businesses miss out on what clients are doing and how they interact with their brand. 8th Layer stands as the bridge between your client and you.


Their professionalism and expertise in various software applications and languages makes them a valuable asset to any team.

Chris V.

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Their team was able to give us a quick understanding of where our website was with conversions and ads. There was so much we were missing out on!

L Eeward

Bloom Global

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