About 8LM

Our brand is rooted in the principles of small business dynamism, entrepreneurial spirit, and scalable growth. We possess a deep understanding of large organization processes and the agility characteristic of small business operations.

Our Story

Every business or consumer has to have a way to communicate with eachother. Either to find more information and continue to conversion or to lose interest and disappear. After years of efforts measuring, tracking, building, and perfecting software for globally known brands, we decided to bring our skills out of the corporate workforce and make them available to all businesses. 

We needed a way to communicate. In terms of computer systems, the standard OSI model describes 7 layers between two communicating parties. Time after time, we always found the 8th Layer of communication missing; a layer where the client (user) interacts with your brand. It’s 5 hundred to 1000 milliseconds of interaction, data, and emotion where your client decides to continue or leave. 

So we created 8th Layer Marketing. We have strong foundations for the 7 layers between you and sales, however we also standardize the 8th Layer between the client and the conversion. 

Why is 8th Layer Marketing different?

Marketing with Validation

Everyone will tell you to spend, but we start with observation and being loud about including your true revenue generating conversions. 

Optimization for Search

We provide the ncessary elements for your brand to be recognized by the marketing cloud engines and search. 


From pixels of RGB to pixels with data attached, we can provide the full experiences for your users. 

Web Development

We’ve partnered with the best to provide you the best. Enterprise grade tools for every business. 


Where we can help you accel is by providing critical elements of structure that is  necessary to surpass your competition

Online Payments

We understand small business, that’s why we can enable various forms of payments to help small businesses get bigger with ease. 

Our Team

AJ Seelund

CEO, Founder

Isabella Fioretti

Co-founder, CFO

Lisa Doroba

COO, Co-Founder

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