Case Studies



Bella’s Little Farm, a journey into the unknown

Discover how Bella’s Little Farm, a charming mobile petting zoo born from a dream and nurtured with love, transformed into a thriving digital success story. With 8th Layer Marketing’s expertise, Bella’s passion for animals and dedication to bringing joy to families was seamlessly translated into an engaging online presence. This case study explores the journey of how strategic digital marketing and a heartwarming mission combined to create an unforgettable experience for both Bella and her delighted customers.



A Quacky new adventure

Dive into the captivating story of DucktionCups, where a simple yet ingenious idea transformed into a beloved brand among Jeep enthusiasts. This case study takes you on a journey through the creation of DucktionCups, a product born from a blend of creativity, engineering, and a deep understanding of the Jeep community’s spirit. Discover how 8th Layer Marketing played a pivotal role in shaping DucktionCups’ digital identity, turning a fun concept into a thriving online phenomenon that resonates with adventure, personality, and the joy of the open road.


Fortune 500 Food & Dining

Discover digital transformation in action for a company with multiple distinct food brands, powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud. Our case study reveals how Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager, and Adobe Target, along with strategic tag management with Launch, revolutionized their marketing, driving personalized e-commerce experiences across multiple brands.


Private Consulting – Private Aviation

Soar into our case study on a private aviation brand, where we brought streamlined processes and heightened brand awareness. Discover how our strategic approach elevated their luxury travel and exclusive experiences, enhancing both team efficiency and customer engagement in the high-end travel market.


Global Marketplace eCommerce

Dive into the HoneyBara story, where we transformed a concept into a thriving Print on Demand marketplace. Leveraging our WordPress stack and automation expertise, we created an easy-to-manage platform that streamlines operations and empowers seamless e-commerce experiences.


Automotive Charity Events

Explore how we propelled 4ngiefest, an automotive charity event, into a major force for good. Our partnership involved branding, streamlining processes, and implementing e-commerce solutions for donations, all to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Discover how our data-driven approach and technology stack amplified awareness and fundraising efforts.

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