The 8LM Team

Our team has been a team for years, until we officially put it together and opened our offerings. We’ve put in decades of our individual experiences to provide a full spectrum of insight and opportunity for your growing  or large business. 

Andrew (AJ) Seelund

Starting his career in the early 2000’s, AJ first Graduated from FullSail University, then moved on to small and medium businesses as they grow. AJ contributed code, specification, and ui elements as an engineer to globally known brands for software and ecommerce applications.  After leaving themeparks and entertainment software, he went on to pursue analytics and the adobe marketing cloud systems. After several s_code to DTM migrations, some utility applications, and summits in Tennessee, he went on to form a small businesses on the East Coast of Florida, followed by going back full swing into the Adobe world working with a team working on 9 of the nation’s largest food brands. 

Since then, he has worked on various enterprise scale Google Analytics ecommerce migrations to GA4, as well as small & medium business implementations and A/B Testing with Google Optimize. 

Now, AJ works remote with several goat-workers, as they have a small family run petting zoo. 


Google & Adobe Analytics Certified


Google Optimize & Adobe Target Certified


Detail minded data implementation specialist

Isabella Fioretti Seelund

Isabella comes from Rio de Janiero, Brazil and brings a wealth of knowledge in social content and small business or marketplace type sales. She successfully started her own business as a mobile petting zoo, but also partners with us to support Operations and Client support

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