AJ Seelund


Highly focused, widely taught, and omni directional. AJ is able to connect dots before you even know they exist, and he learns this from managing chickens. With a background in software engineering, he climbed the corporate ladder jumped off and landed here. 

  • Flexibility 64% 64%
  • Analytics & Marketing Expertise 88% 88%
  • Goat Care Knowledge 42% 42%


Corporate & Enterprise Analytics

Travel, Leisure, Events, and Automotive Markets

Web development since the early 2000s


“…willing to go the extra mile”
AJ is very creative and pays very close attention to detail. He has a strong work ethic and is willing to go the extra mile to complete his projects.

“…willingness to share his knowledge makes him an indispensable.”
AJ has a great way of solving complex issues with cutting edge technology. His awareness of modern best practices and willingness to share his knowledge makes him an indispensable team member. Along with his likable personality, AJ engages 100% with his clientele, always looking for a solution around the corner.

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