8th Layer Marketing + ObservePoint

A Strategic Future

We’ve partnered with the best in automation so you can have the best in data & insights

Customer Journey Tracking

Potential customers interact with your brand in more ways than one. Are you able to determine how and where your customers come from? What they do when they interact with your brand? 

Governance for your Marketing

Loose standards and uknown mistakes can hurt your business and sales. Enforce strict governance over your marketing and ads to control budget and guide growth in the directions you want. 

Social Media Connectivity

One tag does not provide all the information your brands facets need to perform. Have you connected all the dots for the marketing cloud? Missing pieces leave large gaps in reports. 

What we do for you


Automated Scans

We’ve put together 20 years of experience to define 8 critical points every brand needs to perform well. Run this scan monthly for peace of mind in your marketing stack.


Enterprise Grade Tag Governance

The masters have omnipresent visibility and trust in who manages and has access to their analytics, marketing, and ad budgets. We bring enterprise level of awareness to every business. 


Customer Journey Validation

Your visitors each have a journey on their way to becoming your client. MEasure their progress and be able to report on or even optimize their paths, so they can accomplish their goals sooner.


Coverage and Values

We review your top 25 pages, inlcuding product pages, to ensure that each page performs exactly as expected every time. Runs can be specified by browser, or by device type. We cover your specific expected values too.  


Monthly Confidence

 Our scans arent once and done, just like your marketing isnt once and done. The Monthly ObservePoint audits we put together for your business include the 8 point scan and the ability for customizations as you grow. 


Optimize for Growth & Sales

Without the ability to provide clean and accurate data to the marketing clouds above, your business will never be able to optimize.  With our automated and dedicated scans, you can be sure that not only are you consistently running, but also ready for statistical confidence. 

About Us

We’ve built out an industry leading eight-point audit, backed on knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in digital marketing. We’ve built apps in everything from ActionScript to s_code. 

If you think it can’t be done, then you havent seen the 8th Layer. 

Our Industries

Enterprise Companies

We’ve established and migrated Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics stacks, data management platforms, and run internal analytics audits for Fortune 500 companies. We are keen on people and process, and fully aware of your security and compliance needs. We started back in the days of Omniture and Urchin. 

Consumer Products & Services

Our clients span from media companies and online services to automotive accessories and toys. With our unique varied experience in many industries, we’ve seen the common problems that you might be dealing with. 

Food & Beverage

Not every business is products or services, sometimes is experiences and time. We are familiar with both on-site and chain restaurant style businesses and are able to introduce processes and tools that can help you grow. 

Events and Entertainement

A long time ago, we started in the community and grass roots for marketing in events and shows and now we’re back; to help your organic and social growth take off with your business.  

“[marketing] is not an exact science. It’s a combination of an art and elements of science. And that’s almost the first & last lesson to be learned…”

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