Case Study

     Discover the inspiring success story of Bella’s Little Farm, a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing and brand development for small businesses. Starting as a humble idea, Bella’s Little Farm, with the expert guidance of 8th Layer Marketing, blossomed into a thriving local attraction, captivating families and animal enthusiasts alike.

     This case study is a beacon for aspiring small business owners and those seeking to elevate their existing ventures. It illustrates how a well-executed digital strategy, combined with traditional marketing and a deep understanding of local SEO, can transform a new brand into a community staple. Join us as we unfold the journey of Bella’s Little Farm, showcasing the potential for growth, community engagement, and business success in the digital age.



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Project Overview

The project unfolded over three ambitious years, each with its distinct goals. The first year focused on launching the brand with a robust website, traditional marketing, and local SEO to establish a strong market presence. The second year aimed at growth and product development, supported by ongoing SEO efforts. The third year continues this trajectory, integrating automations for efficiency and maintaining SEO momentum for solid, and successful 3rd year in business. 

Working with 8LM, it changed everything for us. The site they did, it makes so easy for people to book visits. And all the digital work, it’s like it brought right people to us. We see more families, more smiles – it’s simply wonderful.”

Isabella Fioretti

Owner / Operator – Bella’s Little Farm

Our approach

   In our collaboration with Bella’s Little Farm, 8th Layer Marketing employed a comprehensive and data-driven approach to create and then elevate the brand’s digital presence. We developed an intuitive e-commerce booking engine, simplifying the process for customers to engage and interact with the farm online. Our team implemented advanced tag management and data support systems, ensuring every marketing decision was informed by accurate, clean data.

   We also established a strong social media presence for Bella’s Little Farm, creating vibrant profiles that connected the brand with the local community and beyond. This was complemented by a consistent content strategy that involved regular, positive posts to engage and attract a wider audience. Maintaining brand consistency across all platforms, including traditional media, was key. We supported this with various traditional marketing materials like flyers, banners, and branded clothing, enhancing Bella’s physical presence in the community.

   This holistic approach by 8LM not only streamlined Bella’s Little Farm’s operations but also significantly boosted its brand awareness and customer engagement, proving the power of integrating digital and traditional marketing strategies for small business growth.


E-commerce Booking Engine

Streamlined online booking for easy customer engagement, utilizing best in class content managment with WordPress, as well as our curated stack of necessary, and optimized plugins to support the customer’s shopping journey. 


Tag Management and Data Support

We leveraged Google Analytics 4 to collect data for informed decision-making and strategy refinement. Reporting this early on, helped the business guide and plan ahead for future initiatives. 



Social Media Presence

We established and maintained vibrant profiles to connect with the community. Including social channels in grassroots marketing proves to be crucial to initial growth, with low spend. 


Content Strategy and Brand Consistency

Regular, positive content to engage and attract audiences is a key implementation that maintains a regular conversation with the brand’s audience and people interested. Uniform brand look-and-feel across digital and traditional media defines a level of trust in business, despite age. 


Traditional Media Support

Flyers, banners, cards, and branded clothing was implemented to enhance physical presence and brand awareness in the local area. This even included a vehicle with artwork making it a mobile Cow!

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